English speaking hair stylists / hair salon in Motomachi Chukagai, Yokohama.


Hair Cut(with shampoo & blow dry) ¥5,250
Permanent Wave(with hair cut) ¥10,500〜
Color(with shampoo) ¥6,300〜
●High Light(Half) ¥7,350〜
●High Light(Full) ¥8,400〜
Henna Color(with shampoo)
●Natural(100% natural henna) ¥6,800〜
●Brown(it contains a chemical color)  ¥7.350〜
Ayurveda Head Massage 
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Hair Treatment ¥3,650~
Shampoo ¥1,550
Blow Dry ¥2,100
Hair Set ¥3,150~
Hair Up ¥5,250~
Make Up
●Point make up ¥3,150~
●Full make up ¥5,250~

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Ayurveda Head Massage/Gaining good health using natural herbs from India.


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